Nail Prices 2020

Gel Nails  - New Sculpted Sets

Short Length - starts at $70

Medium Length - starts at $75

Long Length - starts at $80

Extreme Length - starts at $95

Overlay on natural nails  - starts at $50

New Set prices include basic colour and or glitter


Includes one nail repair, extra nails start at $5 each with a fill

Fill prices include basic colour and or glitter.

Short length - starts at $48

Medium length - starts at $52

Longer length - stares at $58

Sculpted French - add $20 to the set or fill price

Reverse French - $5 per nail and up

Corrective shaping - starts at $5 per nail


French Ombre (White or one colour fade with hard gel) -$1 per nail

Colour blend Ombre with gel polish - starts at $2 per nail

Chrome $1 per nail

Hand Painted Art - starts at $2 per nail and up, depending on the design. 

If you would like to have detailed art with your set, please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure I have

enough time booked. Price will vary depending on the design and time.

Swarovski Stones

.50 each for small stones    Small cluster - $3 and up  Larger cluster $5 and up

Big pieces - $3-$5 each     Big Cluster $15 and up

Full nail - $10 and up

Striping tape, foils, dried flowers, glitter, mylar, etc $1 per nail and up

Nail repair $7 each and up

Gel or acrylic removal - $30

Gel or acrylic removal with a new set - add $15 to your new set price

Gel Polish  - starts at $40

Includes cutie clean up and natural nail care

Gel Toes - starts at $55

Includes gel polish, toe nail and cuticle clean up, dry skin removal and a mimi massage.

Prices do not include tax.