Nail Menu and Prices

January 2017




Basic Salon Length Nails -  Square, Oval, Round        $65 and up

Longer lengths - Almond, Coffin,  Square, Oval      $70 and up

Reverse Sculpted French  - shape of your choice          $75 and up

Speciality Shapes - Edge, Stiletto, Russian Almond, Marilyn     $120 and up





Fills include one fix/repair, rebalance, and your choice of french, one colour and/or glitter

Salon Length  $45 and up

Reverse French Fill $50 and up

Longer Lengths $50 and up 

Nail Repair $5 each

Basic Backfill - This quicker fill is just that -  touch up on the natural nail growth only. No colour change, rebalancing or repairs. 

This is perfect for a 1 or  2 week touchup. $25 and up




Luxio Gel Polish 

A 2 to 3 week gel polish application for your hands or toes, this also includes a mini manicure, cuticle clean up and your colour of choice from our many soak off gel polish options.

3 week Gel Polish Manicure     $40 and up

Gel Polish redo  - removal and new set of gel polish     $40 and up





Ombre $5 per set

Chrome $1 per nail, $10 per set

Nail Art $5 per set and up 

Swarovski Stones   $3 to $4 for a half nail/cluster       $8-$10 for a whole nail       .50 per stone

Big Bling -  Price to be determined by each piece

3D Acrylic designs        $3 per nail and up


Artificial Nail Removal - $25

This includes proper product removal, nail and cuticle clean up and your choice of finish treatment with a nail

strengthener and polish.